Here is a list of suppliers that help us bring you the products that change the way you communicate with other Amateur Radio Operators.

D2RG is a not-for-profit association of engineers and professionals. Driven by a passion for innovation the D2RG team injects all its revenue in product development, new and existing, and provides capital for groups with similar core values.

Strong believers in open collaboration and universal access, the D2RG team will release all of its products under Open Source Licenses.


Pi-Star is a software image built initially for the Raspberry Pi (produced by the Raspberry Pi Foundation).

The design concept is simple, provide the complex services and configuration for Digital Voice on Amateur radio in a way that makes it easily accessible to anyone just starting out, but make it configurable enough to be interesting for those of us who cant help but tinker.

If you have a product you would like us to stock with us, please contact us via our CONTACT US page to discuss us stocking your product(s).


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