Online Store

We have no products for you at this time as we have not launched our store. Please come back and check our store soon as our supplier is about to release some new products that will shake the DV world of Amateur Radio. We look forward to assisting you in your DV experience in the near future. When these products arrive we will launch the store and you will be able to purchase the next step in your in your DV experience.

We are also considering some accessories for some of the popular radios that are on the market.

Recommended Software

You can download Pi-Star for free which is the software that we recommend you use with all of products. You will need to have a Raspberry Pi (Any model will work) from THE PI-HUT. It recommended that you get one with WiFi Built-In and DV board (DV Board From Us) attached to use this software. Go to Pi-Star Website to download.