RayNet-UK (YSF) Reflector

By | 13 June 2020

DV-Modems is proud to host the YSF Reflector for the RayNet-UK Group. This completes a linking project where both Brandmeister and Phoenix DMR Networks are linked together with a D-Star and YSF Reflectors. The YSF Reflector currently hosted on the DV MODEMS servers. Scroll down for more details.

This project was a combined effort between Ozzie M0GLJ, Jon Lee G4TSN (Brandmeister UK) and Paul Fuller M0PFX (Phoenix DMR UK). Thank you to ALL involved in getting this project off the ground.

Connecting to the Group Channel

To connect to the group please follow the instructions below :-


DMR (Brandmeister or Phoenix)
Program you radio with Talk Group 23531 to use on you LOCAL Repeater or Hotspot.


Connect to XLX005 R via you LOCAL Repeater or Hotspot.


YSF (Fusion C4FM)
Connect to RAYNET UK (YSF 23531) reflector via you LOCAL Repeater or Hotspot.


Have problems connecting, please click here RayNet-UK Technical Team. Please include details on how you are trying to connect.